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Palolem beach - Beautiful, Unspoilt And Uncrowded- Goas's Palolem Beach Is A Sight To See

Palolem beach

Goa is a well-liked vacation spot in India because of its tourism beaches and laid-back party scene. There are numerous beach resorts to choose from along the many lengthy stretches of coastline, but few of them preserve the same level of unspoiled tranquility as Palolem Beach. Visit Palolem for its timeless culture, must-do attractions, and well-earned rest.

Best time to visit: Nov-To-Feb
Things to do: Canyoning and trekking tour, Boat trip to see Dolphins, Scuba diving, Day trip to Dudhsagar Falls


  • Flight - Goa's Dabolim Airport is about 26 kilometers from Panaji, the state's center. Despite being primarily served by domestic airlines, this airport also gets foreign flights as the tourist season approaches. Along with the essential services, the airport also offers an ATM, a prepaid taxi counter, and currency exchange. The terminal also has dining establishments and shopping centers on its grounds to keep you occupied while you wait for your journey. International travelers typically land in bustling cities like Delhi and Mumbai before changing to a domestic trip on one of the airlines like Jet Airways, IndiGo, SpiceJet, or Air India.
  • Rail - From Mumbai in the north to Mangalore in the south, the lengthy Konkan Railway, estimated to be 760 kilometers long, runs the entire length of the country. However, Margao's Madgaon Railway stop is the largest stop and has excellent rail connections to other regions of the nation. Regular trains travel between Delhi and Madgaon; the most notable ones are the Trivandrum Express and Goa Sampark Kranti Express. The distance between the main city and the Madgaon Railway Station is roughly 38 kilometers. The Vasco da Gama station is a different railroad station and is located 29 kilometers distant.
  • Road - "We've always wanted to take a road jou rney to Goa ever since we saw Dil Chahta Hai." Hire a vehicle and travel to this beach paradise while the sea's briny scent fills your senses and beautiful scenery passes you by. The quickest route by road departs from Mumbai, which is only 14 hours distant. The National Highway 4, which connects the Mumbai-Pune Expressway with Belgaum and Goa, is the quickest path from Mumbai. Buses from and to Goa travel to and from a number of places, including Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hampi. However, due to the erratic gridlock, we advise taking the train instead of the bus.
  • Sea - There are cruise ships departing from the UAE and sailing between Mumbai and the Maldives for all you sea babies. A new cruise ferry service operating between Mumbai and Goa will be available at your beck and call if you are traveling from Mumbai and would like to spend some time near the sea. This one-day trip, known as Angriya Cruises, is said to be an overnight delight. It has an infinity pool, a spa, and two eateries. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4 p.m., the ship departs from Mumbai's Victoria Docks and arrives at Goa's Mormugao cruise station at 9 a.m. the following day.


  • Ferry - Use the few surviving passenger or car ferries, which were once a popular form of local transportation. These ferries operate every thirty minutes from seven in the morning to nine at night. These boats are open to pedestrians at no cost. The Panaji to Betim ferry will transport you to the northern beaches if you want to travel to North Goa.
  • Car Rental - We advise hiring a car if you prefer to explore Goa in your leisure time and at your own leisurely speed. A self-drive rental vehicle would cost approximately INR 1100 for small cars and INR 4500 for large cars.
  • Bus - In Goa, there is an extensive transport network that connects all of the villages and towns. However, Panaji, Margao, and Mapusa are where you'll find the main pickup or drop-off locations. You will need to change buses at either Margao or Panaji if you want to journey between North and South Goa. The price ranges from INR 5 to INR 40. Try to take the quicker "express" buses instead of the slower, more rusted local buses that frequently halt at multiple locations.
  • Taxi - This is a useful method of getting around Goa. It is also more affordable than a taxi and appropriate for quick journeys. For a short trip, it costs about INR 50, and for a lengthier one, INR 150.
  • Motorcycle Rental - In relation to motorcycles, you will undoubtedly see visitors zooming past you on a scooter or a motorcycle. You can accomplish the same thing by renting a motorbike or scooter for INR 200–400 per day. Prices do, however, decline at a startling rate if you are renting the scooter or bike for longer than a few days.

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