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FLORENCE - Capital Of Tuscany And Renascence - Most Popular Destinations In Italy


People often instantly link Florence with the Renaissance, gelato, and the Medici. Let's assess these and other qualities of Florence. The most frequently visited cities in both Italy and the entire world is Florence. It's a beautiful ancient city with magnificent building and striking landmarks, as you would anticipate from Italy. In reality, as a result of its former splendor, it is home to some of Italy's most recognizable landmarks.

Best time to visit: Apr-To-Jun Sep-To-Oct
Things to do: Climb Giotto’s Campanile, Enjoy sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo, Wander the beautiful Streets, Admire the Top Attractions


  • Flight - It is simple to travel to Florence by air or land because it is well linked to the rest of Italy and to Europe. The Vespucci Airport in Florence has seen a substantial increase in traffic in recent years, and the facilities and infrastructure are continually being improved.
  • Rail - Another important junction on the Italian train system is Florence. Rome is only about an hour and a half away to the south, and it has excellent connections with the major northern cities. The high-speed train line's (TAV, Treni Alta Velocità) Bologna-Florence section is far along in construction, and Florence will soon get a new station.
  • Road - Florence, which has four exits, is near the A1 highway, the primary thoroughfare connecting the north and south of the nation. On the section of the A1 between Barberino and Incisa, a third lane is presently being constructed. The city is connected to the western (Tyrrhenian Sea) shore by the A11 freeway and the dual carriageway between Florence, Pisa, and Livorno (FI-PI-LI).


  • Bike/E-scooter/Vespa - Bike lanes start to appear as you move away from the city center, especially along the River Arno and in the direction of the gem-like villages that Florentines adore for a quiet, green getaway in the hills. You can follow them into the seductive hills in the manner of Audrey Hepburn if you rent an e-bike or Vespa motorbike, both of which are offered by Florence Station Rental and other businesses.
  • Local Bus - Bus lines 12 and 13 are very helpful for getting to the replica David statue on Piazzale Michelangelo without having to walk uphill, as well as for getting away from the city during the summer to the cool hilltop hamlet of Fiesole (line 7 from Piazza di San Marco).
  • Trams - Two tram routes currently run in Florence, and two more are being planned. Modern, sleek tram cars glide through the city on lines T1 and T2, which connect the Florence Airport and Piazza della Unità in front of Santa Maria Novella railway station and the north and south, respectively.
  • Taxi - Alternatively, call Taxi 4242 or Taxi 4390 to make a taxi order. For a pick-up, you can get in touch with these businesses online, over the phone, via WhatsApp, SMS, It Taxi or other applications. Give your location and wait for a vehicle to arrive; if you're downtown, your ride will typically arrive in five minutes.
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