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Taj Mahal - The Real Epitome Of Beauty And Love- India's Most Historical Attraction

The Taj Mahal is frequently referred to as the "epitome of Mughal architecture" and was designated by UNESCO as the "jewel of Muslim art". This essay goes into great detail on the architecture of this magnificent World Wonder so that you will know what to look for when you there. The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum made of ivory-white marble that rests gracefully on Agra's pedestal. Its perfect reflection is reflected in the reflection pool in front of it, giving it a surreal look. During various weather conditions, seasons, and times of the day, it is believed that the location changes color by reflecting the constantly shifting hues of the sky. The tomb appears to be a living, magical emblem of love thanks to the changing hues of its walls.

Best time to visit: Oct-To-Mar
Things to do: Get Professional Photoshoot Done, Admire The Mughlai Architecture, Get To Know The Beautiful History, Explore The Mahal


  • Flight - The Taj Mahal is only a 35-minute cab ride from the Agra Airport, which is the nearest airport to the landmark. Two more nearby airports are those in Gwalior (GWL) and Delhi (DEL). (180 km).
  • Rail - The closest railroad station is Agra Cantt Railway Station, which is situated approximately six kilometers from the Taj Mahal. It takes a car or cab about 13 minutes to get there from the railway station.
  • Road - If you are driving to Agra or hiring a rental, there are three main roadways you can choose from to go to The Taj Mahal. The first is Aulia Road, a 3.9-kilometer excursion that will take roughly 13 minutes. The Taj Mahal is located 4 km away from Dipak Road and 5 km away from Mall Road, the other two ways. The city's motorways that encircle it have excellent road conditions, making it easy to go from one tourist spot to another. The easiest and best method to explore a city and its surrounds is to hail a cab and embark on a weekend excursion.


  • Auto-Rikshaw - Less expensive than taxis, faster than walking, and very adventurous, auto-rickshaws are the best means of transportation in Agra. Prices for a single ride or a full day of service are very fluid and negotiable.
  • Taxi - Just approach a taxi driver with a flat rate to begin negotiations. Prices are determined based on numerous factors: your destination, your departure point, the trip's length, the time of day, even the temperature outside.
  • On Foot - Walking through central Agra is the ideal way to experience the hustle and bustle of the city. That said, getting lost is a likely possibility as the signage can be very confusing for foreigners. Be careful about the weather, winter is preferable for this mode of transport.
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