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Haw Par Villa - Singapore's Attraction- A Beautiful Garden Indulging In Asian Culture

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa, formerly known as Tiger Balm Garden, is an Asian culture area. Haw Par Villa is a cultural, philosophical, religious, and political treasure trove of Asia. This location is renowned as Singapore's largest outdoor gallery, which is also the last of its kind in terms of innovation.

Best time to visit: Dec-To-Mar
Things to do: Watch Chinese Paintings, Look At Ten Courts Of Hell, Admire The Beautiful Destination


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  • Metro - Taking the MRT on the Circle Line and exiting at the only metro station next to Haw Par Villa is the simplest method to get to Haw Par Villa.
  • Cab - Taking a direct cab or taxi that drops you off at the location is another method to get to Haw Par Villa.
  • Train - By alighting at the Haw Par Villa Station CC25, you can arrive by rail. Bus stop 16019, where you can catch buses 10, 30, 30e, 51, 143, 188, and 200, is one minute's walk from the park.
  • Bus - You can also exit the bus at stop 16229 or stop 16011, which are both located in front of Haw Par Villa Station.

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