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Vietnam - Vietnam –Destination for a new Millennium


Vietnam's forests and rainforests are varied habitats teeming with distinct fauna. Trekking is a popular pastime in this area, especially in the Sapa highlands and the primeval environment of Cuc Phuong National Park. Take a guided cuisine tour of Ho Chi Minh City for a more urban retreat, making sure to include stops at the ancient Hoi Truong Thong Nhat palace and the beautifully ornamented Emperor Jade Pagoda.

Best time to visit: Mar-To-Apr
Things to do: Singing Karaoke, Kayaking at Halong Bay, Explore the Cruise Ride, Hike through Cat Ba Island


  • Flight - A direct from India’s capital Delhi to Vietnam would take around 7 hours 20 minutes. Most flights make stops at other important South Asian cities like Bangkok and Singapore . The official carrier of the country is Vietnam Airlines. Other international carriers operating in Asia like Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Air India, Cathay Dragon, Thai Airlines and China Airlines also fly to the Vietnamese airports from various Indian cities like Bangalore or Mumbai.


  • Cyclo - A Cyclo is simply a bicycle rickshaw. It should cost you not more than 12,000d to 25,0000d for a short ride, and between 25,000d and 40,000d for a longer or night ride.
  • Taxi - Every city in the world has taxis and Vietnam is no different. There are always app-based taxis (car and motorbike), like Uber and Grab, in most major Vietnamese cities.
  • Bus - As a traveler or tourist, you might think buses might be complicated to use! But they are the most convenient and affordable in Vietnam.

Traditional Food

For all the foodies, Vietnam Tourism also refers to Trying all the Vietnamese Food, traditional and authentic. The street foods or restaurants are open at all Time in Vietnam. If you are wondering, how much Vietnam Currency or price you would have to spend on the food, let us clear your doubts. Street Food - between VND30,000 and 70,000 (US$1.32-3.08) per dish, Restaurants - between 50,000-90,000 vnd varying from dish to dish.


Vietnam Tourism, includes looking at different Hotels and finding the most affordable Hotel in Vietnam. Don't you worry! TravelNags got you covered, check out amazing hotels and their price in Vietnam Currency or Dollar. Check the hotels' ratings and reviews before booking one for yourself, especially if you are an International Tourist.

Top Attractions

Catch a Flight To Vietnam and make a bucket list of Top Attractions you want to see! Spend quality Time in Vietnam with us. Below is the list of Top Attractions in Vietnam, from TravelNags.