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Australia - Australia Is A Perfect Destination Spot- Natural Wonders, Beaches And Deserts


Australia, the sixth-largest nation in the world, is well known for its expansive beaches. It is a very popular tourist destination south of the equator, especially during the European winter. Summer starts here in December and is a great place to escape from the bitter cold.

Best time to visit: Mar-To-May Sep-To-Nov
Things to do: Sunbathe with Kangaroos, Cruise the Kimberley, Watch Turtles Hatch, Dive into Marine Life


  • Flight - Melbourne and Sydney are the cities with the busiest Airports in Australia. Other popular Airports can be opted from Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast. There are no direct flight from India except from Air India, other flights like Thai Airways, Cathy Pacific have stops in between the journey. By Air would be the fastest way of reaching Australia.
  • Rail - Even though, there are no other railway networks outside the country, it is pretty convenient to travel by train and hop from city to city!
  • Sea - Since Australia is an Island, there are Cruises and Ferries all around it! But there is no direct Cruise from India, you can still opt for the Cruise and stop by at Pacific Islands or New Zealand first.


  • Train - The Train journeys are spectacular with the views and luxury comfort! Travel in the luxury train to get around in Australia.
  • Bus - The tour buses and local buses run around throughout Australia all day long, if you miss one, you could easily catch another! Some cities like Melbourne's City Circle Tram charge nothing and the buses run for free, in other cities the buses are reasonable and affordable for everyone.
  • Ferry - There are numerous ports where you can hop on a ferry from! The Spirit Of Tasmania operates on nightly basis as well for passengers.
  • Car - You have an option to rent a car if you have a license permit according to the country's rules and go on a road trip to every destination on that bucket list!

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