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Philippines - Philippines is a very nice place to visit these days


The Philippines is one of the most spectacular and diverse countries in Asia, with over 7,000 islands including rice terraces, volcanoes, mega-metropolises, world-class surf areas, and indigenous fauna. Not to mention that it has some of the nicest beaches in the world.

Best time to visit: Nov-To- Apr
Things to do: Swim with Jellyfish, Sunbath on the coastlines, sing at the capital of karaoke,


  • Flight - From India, you can reach the Philippines by flying via Singapore, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur to reach Manila. You can catch a flight any day of the week and the journey (barring the stops) is largely smooth. For more affordable rates combine the offseason with a low-cost carrier and you’ll be able to manage a budgeted trip to the Philippines. Some of the carriers that travel from India to the Philippines are Singapore Airlines , Philippines Air Asia, Scoot, Malaysia Airlines, and more.


  • Cabs - You can book a cab from Uber or GrabCab to get around.
  • Bus - Buses offered by top-rated companies like the Victory Liner are a great way to travel – particularly in the Northern part of the country. You’ll need to book your seat, slightly in advance, as seats are limited
  • Ferries - Interested in island hopping? Ferries are the way to go. These are nice, affordable ways to move between the different islands, if you’re not looking to fly. Do your research in advance as there are all kinds of ferry rides here – some more pleasant than others.
  • Tricycle - Exploring the rural side of the Philippines? Then hop onto a tricycle. Similar to the Thailand tuk-tuk , these adorable cycles are actually powered by motorbikes. Each tricycle can fit 2 people at the back, and one behind the driver. Quick, speedy and affordable, this is your best means to roam the rural areas of the Philippines.
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Traditional Food

Philippines is next level with their food taste! With over 7,000 Island Vacation Destinations, they have a vast range of Seafood dishes available just for you! If you are eager to try their Street Food but afraid that you don't speak Philippines Language, just ask your staff to give you hand-written notes for Things to do in Philippines you might want to try on the streets or restaurants.

Top Attractions

Planning a vacation? You are looking in the right direction! TravelNags will take care of it for you, let us guide you to the Top Attractions of Philippines. Best Destinations in Philippines also comes with Philippines Time or Peak Season. Below is the list of places and things to do in Philippines!