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Chapora fort - Untouched, Pristine Beauty Of Goa- An Uncowded Gem

Chapora fort

Among the top tourism destinations in North Goa is Chapora Fort. The main draw when you walk around would be the stunning views of the Arabian Sea, Chapora River, charming views of Chapora, Anjuna, and Vagator beach, and breathtaking sunsets. A narrow path will lead you to the foot of the slope once you are close to Chapora Fort. You must ascend a steep path for about 10 minutes to reach the fort, which is perched on summit of this hill.

Best time to visit: Nov-To-Feb
Things to do: Top View From Hill, Nightlife In Chapora Beach, Enjoy Shopping, Eating Street Food


  • Flight - Chapora Beach is approximately 43 kilometers from Dabolim Airport, which is the closest airport. Panaji is located 29 km from the airport, and it takes 25 minutes to travel the remaining 13 km to reach Chapora.
  • Rail - Only 11 kilometers separate Karmali, the closest railway stop, from Panaji. To get to Chapora from Panaji, you can take a taxi or rent a vehicle. The trains are available from other cities around India such as - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and many more!


  • Local Bus - The buses run all over Goa, in every 10-15 mins! Goa is crowded with tourists and if you are one of them, bus is recommended for cheapest travel to Chapora Fort.
  • Rental - If you like to drive around, rent a car or rent a two-wheeler- easiest mode of commute and accessible anywhere! Reach Chapora Fort while enjoying the scenic view from anywhere in Goa!
  • Taxi - Catch a taxi if you have limited Top Attractions in your to-do list! Taking a taxi is definitely convenient but not economically friendly!

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