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Zurich - Zurich- The Largest City of Switzerland


Beyond its luxury products and well-known financial sector, Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, offers much more. Be behind the opulent exterior to discover a vibrant and surprisingly affordable city. Switzerland provides a complex tapestry of experiences beyond the typical clichés of banks and watches. It is a city full of historical charm, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and exudes a cosmopolitan vibe.

Best time to visit: From Jun-To-Aug

A year-round destination

  • The lovely city of Zurich has a wide range of attractions all year long. In the winter, tourists may ski, toboggan or walk in neighbouring sports resorts; in the summer, they can enjoy the many swimming pools beside rivers and lakes. In April, the city organises the "Sechseläuten" spring festival; in August, it has the Street Parade; and in December, it hosts the charming Christmas markets. Because of its beauty and culture, Zurich is an absolute must-visit location.
  • Art in Public Places More than 1,300 works of art adorn public locations across Zurich, changing the city's landscape and promoting dialogue. The city draws in art enthusiasts, city explorers, and both amateur and professional photographers with its active promotion of free "public art" for everybody. Among the notable pieces are "Pavillon-Skulptur" by Max Bill, "Y" by Sislej Xhafa, "L'ange protecteur" by Niki de Saint Phalle, and "Heureka" by Jean Tinguely. At Zurich Airport, visitors may also discover Tableau Zurich and Urban Art.
  • A Foodie Paradise for Every Palate Forget overpriced cheese fondue. Zurich's culinary scene is diverse and delicious. Head to the lively Markthalle im Viadukt, a former train viaduct transformed into a gourmet market, for everything from fresh produce and local cheese to international street food. Sample traditional Swiss fare like rösti "potato pancakes" at a cozy restaurant, or savour Michelin-starred haute cuisine overlooking the lake. And don't forget to try a Zürigeschnegg, Zurich's famous sweet cinnamon snail.

Event Highlights

  • Events in and around Zurich include ZüriCarneval, Art on Ice, the Zurich Marathon, Food Zurich, the Zurich Pride Festival, the Zürich Film Festival (ZFF), Allianz Cinema (an open-air cinema on Lake Zurich), and the charming Christmas Markets. These events honour tradition, art, food, music, movies, sports, and culture, all of which add to Zurich's distinct personality.
  • Zurich Tips for Happy Travelers Zurich Card: Free public transport, museum discounts, and lake cruises; it's your city pass to happiness. The Language: Learn a few basic German phrases. "Danke schön" goes a long way! Pack for all seasons: Zurich weather can be unpredictable, so layers are your friend. Respect the locals: Keep noise down at night, be mindful of littering, and avoid rushing in busy areas. Rent a bike: Zurich is bike-friendly, and it's a great way to see the city like a local.
  • The Verdict Zurich is a city that surprises and delights. It's a walkable city with hidden gems around every corner, a city where history and modernity seamlessly blend, and a city where nature is always just a stone's throw away. Zurich Airport (9.4 km away) is the nearest. Other nearby airports include Basel, Memmingen, Strasbourg, and Stuttgart. Enjoy free public transport, museum discounts, and lake cruises for city happiness.