Bali - The Island Of Mesmerizing Beaches and Thousands of Temple


Southeast Asia's ultimate getaway vacation spot, Bali, has been on top for nearly 50 years. The word spread like wildfire as soon as adventure travelers discovered the beaches, food, culture, stunning landscapes and friendly locals. Today, Bali is a surfer's paradise, a honeymoon destination, the ultimate school/work vacation spot and a magnet for experts.

Best time to visit: May-To-Sep
Things to do: Bali Safari, Trek the Mount Batur, Try Bali Swing, Explore Marine Park


  • Flight - Since Bali is a trending Vacation Destination, there many direct flights available from all over the world! The popular destinations that have a cheaper flight to Bali- Chennai, Malaysia, Bangkok, Cochin and many more. Ngurah Rai International Airport, usually referred to as Denpasar International Airport, is Bali's primary airport.
  • Sea - Since Bali is famous for vacations, many Cruises have added Bali as a stop in South Asia Tour. Check the guidelines and weather before catching a cruise to Bali.
  • Road - You cannot reach Bali by a car or bus since it is surrounded with Beaches. It is advisable to reach cities near Bali by Road, i.e. Jakarta, and then hop on a ferry.


  • Moped- Renting a Moped and riding your way to the beautiful destination seems ideal! It is convenient and hassle-free.
  • Local Buses - There are numerous Buses running around all day for the tourists.
  • Taxi - You can also book a taxi or cab using Grab and Hojek Apps.

Traditional Food

Top Attractions

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