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Austria Vienna - City Of Dreams And City Of Music- Capital City Of Austria

Austria Vienna

One of Europe's most stunning, culturally diverse, and historically significant cities is Vienna, the capital of Austria. With some of the best operas, museums, and castles, Vienna provides visitors with countless possibilities to see the city. Wherever you turn, Vienna's rich artistic and musical heritage is evident. presenting countless chances for visitors to engage with some of the most extraordinary and prestigious pieces of creative culture.

Best time to visit: Apr-To-May Sep-To-Oct
Things to do: Ice-skating, Watch An Opera Show, Enjoy At Museums, Explore The Landmarks


  • Flight - The largest airport in Austria and a major gateway for flights in Central Europe, Vienna International Airport connects the city to the rest of Europe as well as to Asia, the United States, and Canada. Each year, more over 30 million passengers pass through the terminals of this airport.
  • Rail - The main hub for domestic and international travel in Austria is the Vienna Central Railway Station, which is also the most up-to-date. Both this station and the Wien-Meidling station a little ways south are stops for all long-distance trains operated by Austrian Federal Railways (BB).


  • Metro - The most effective and easy mode of transport in Vienna is Metro. You can read the metro lines easily and travel anywhere, just make sure you have a metro card.
  • Taxi - Hail a cab or book a taxi from apps like Uber. Convenient if you have ton loads of luggage to carry around.
  • Carriages - Let's travel in old-school way? Travel around in horse-driven carriages to feel like you are in the ancient history! Roll in vintage style and explore it!

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