The Ridge - Shimla's Main Tourist Attraction And Street Where You Can Find Everything

The Ridge

Shimla stands out among Indian cities because of its long, wide main boulevard that is completely free of traffic. Since it spans the entire ridge between Shimla's two hills, this delightful open area is known as the Ridge. The Ridge is home to three significant sculptures, including that of Y.S. Parmar, the first chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, and the renowned Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and both.

Best time to visit: Apr-To-Aug Dec-To-Jan
Things to do: Shop for Souvenirs, Try Local Food, Visit The Infamous Church, Admire The Statues, Enjoy The Festival If Any


  • Flight - Shimla Airport is not currently in use. As a result, to get to Shimla from Chandigarh International Airport or Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, you must hire a bus or taxi. Domestic flights operate to and from Chandigarh International Airport from and to a number of Indian towns, including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Srinagar, Chennai, etc. AirAsia India, Air India, Jet Airways, GoAir, IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Vistara are just a few of the carriers that fly there. The closest significant international airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, where visitors from overseas can catch a flight. It has connections to both domestic and foreign locations, including Moscow, Sharjah, Toronto, Beijing, Mauritius, etc. Aeroflot, Air Arabia, Air Canada, Air China, and other international carriers use this airport.
  • Rail - The closest railroad stop is Shimla Railway Station. It supports the Kalka-Shimla Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that travels through breathtaking Himalayan paths. Some of the trains that run through the station are the Himalayan Queen, Kalka Shimla Express, and Kalka Shimla Passenger, among others.
  • Road - Shimla has good road connections to many towns across the nation. The closest major metropolis to Shimla is Chandigarh, and National Highway 22 (NH 22) connects the two. Major towns and cities in Himachal Pradesh are linked to Shimla as well. The primary public transportation provider in the region is HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Company), which operates a fleet of buses. Select from premium, semi-deluxe, standard, air-conditioned, and non-air-conditioned buses. Buses to Shimla run continuously from Chandigarh, and there are buses coming to and from Delhi on daily basis.


  • Local Bus - Bus transportation is the most practical means of getting to Shimla. Buses are the greatest mode of transportation in Shimla, whether you want to see the local sights or arrange a trip from Shimla to Kufri. In the city, you can use both public and private buses.
  • Taxi - There are taxis accessible from several locations in Shimla. Private automobiles are not permitted in places like The Ridge and Mall Road, though.
  • Rental - Renting a car is another well-known method of getting around Shimla. Options include chauffeur-driven and self-driven vehicles. If you enjoy riding motorcycles, you can rent a bike to tour Shimla.

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