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Pushkar - A Religious Yet Serene Destination In Rajasthan


There are many tourist destinations in Pushkar, with pleasant surprises around every corner, ranging from religious sites to quirky cafes. The quaint stores lining the vibrant streets are brimming with happiness, vitality, culture, and warmth. Puskar is that region of India where everything that is seen astounds people. Desert safaris are the most popular adventure activity that draws tourists to Puskar because it borders the Thar Desert. Pushkar Lake has 52 Ghats and as a tourist or a local, anyone can bathe in it. The only temple dedicated to the Lord of creation is Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, one of the best tourist attractions that is famous in Pushkar.

Best time to visit: Nov-To-Mar
Things to do: Camel Riding in the Camel Fair, Visit The Forts, Explore The Ancient Stepwell, Shop From Pushkar Bazaar


  • Flight - Flying to Sanganer Airport in the neighboring city of Jaipur, which is about 150 km from Pushkar, will get you there. All major airlines offer flights to Jaipur, and a direct journey there from Delhi takes about an hour. Direct flights from Bombay to Jaipur take an hour and a half to complete. With only 4 daily flights to Sanganer from Bangalore, the aircraft connection is more difficult and takes between 2 and 4 hours. A direct journey from Kolkata to Sanganer takes two hours, while a connecting flight takes five and a half hours. All of the main airlines, including IndiGo, Air India, Jet Airways, Go Air, Spice Jet, Etihad, and others, fly to and from Sanganer Airport.
  • Rail - The Ajmer Station, 11 kilometers away in Ajmer, is the nearest railway station to the city. All of the nation's main cities are connected to the station. The train leaves Delhi from New Delhi Railway Station, and the trip there takes close to six hours.
  • Road - If you're taking a bus into the city, the Pushkar bus stop is where you'll find all the local buses. Pushkar is 1057 kilometers from Mumbai, and the trip there will take 25 hours, the preferable route could be covered by car for convenience. The Bct Jp Express from Mumbai to Jaipur and a bus by Kalpana Travels from Jaipur to Pushkar are the two finest options. A straight bus runs from Delhi to Pushkar, and the trip takes about eight and a half hours.


  • Local Bus - The "Marwar" and the "New stand" are the two primary bus stops. There are buses accessible roughly every ten minutes. While using a bus to get around the city is not necessary, taking a local bus to the neighboring city of Ajmer is ideal and only takes 30 minutes one way.
  • Taxi - An motorized rickshaw is the most convenient mode of transportation in Pushkar. These are not only a cost-effective choice, but also an excellent way to see your surroundings because they are typically open-aired. Another option for getting around town is to take a camel excursion.
  • Rental - Within the city, taxis can be rented for a range of prices between INR 500 and INR 1000 per day, based on the car's make and model as well as the number of hours. It would be wise to employ a guide in a city with as much history as Ajmer.

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