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Museum of Future - Three main elements: green hill, building, and void.

Museum of Future

The Museum of the Future is the first of its kind and aims to immerse visitors in a vibrant future because the museum is uniquely located inside a skyscraper, its ring shape represents humanity and human potential. Visit the museum's immersive futuristic environments, each with its own theme - by blending aspects of science, technology and spirituality, the museum aims to inspire all visitors.

Best time to visit: Anytime
Things to do: Visit Outer Space, Make Memories in the Future, Check out Future Heroes Zone, Gather All Tech Knowledge


  • Flight - Flying is certainly the best way to reach Dubai from India . The Dubai International Airport is huge and reputed to be the busiest in UAE. The airport offers numerous conveniences to travellers and receives flights from all over the world. Emirates , Dubai’s official airlines operates flights to more than a 100 destinations throughout the world. The other airlines are FlyDubai and Etihad.
  • Road - Reaching Dubai by road is only possible through Oman. There’s no need to acquire any permit, except for an exit charge of 3000 Omani Riyal. On your way back, if you need to enter Oman, you will have to show the payment receipt.


  • Metro - The link bridge connects the metro station directly to the museum making it convenient.
  • Bus - You can also use the Dubai Bus Service network. The best service line numbers are as follows: 27, 29, X22.
  • Car/Taxi - You may use your personal vehicle and park on-location or use our valet parking service.
  • Scooter - You could rent out a scooter for a day and park it in their Self-park area!

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