Dal Lake - Jewel In The Crown Of Kashmir

Dal Lake

The Urban lakes are an integral part of Kashmir's tourism and recreation and are called 'Jewel In The Crown Of Kashmir' or 'Srinagar's jewels'. The lake is also an important source of commercial activity in fishing and seafood harvesting. Dal Lake is lined with Mughal-era gardens and many parks. Astounded by the beauty of Kashmir, the Mughals planted extensive gardens to accentuate its beauty.

Best time to visit: Anytime
Things to do: Shop From Floating Markets, Shikara Ride, Horse Riding, Watch The Sunset


  • Flight - The nearest Airport to reach Dal Lake is Srinagar Airport (SXR). The Srinagar Airport is still approx. 16 km away from Dal Lake.
  • Rail - The Major and Nearest Railway Station to reach Dal Lake is Srinagar Railway Station. The Station is approx. 18 km away from your destination.
  • Road - Kashmir has a well-connected road system, the roads connect to everywhere except different continents. The main road Patil Road connects the destination to Delhi and other cities on the way or different cities. It would take approx. 10 hours or more depending on your destination. Buses are available as well.


  • Local Bus - There are volvo ac and non ac local buses running around, making it easier for you to commute on daily basis.
  • Auto - The most convenient and cheapest way to travel is by auto! The auto-rickshaws are available at every corner of the street, it would not charge more than 100 rupees.

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