Amarnath - One Of The Holiest Hindu Pilgrimages


One of the most sacred pilgrimage sites for Hindus, Amanath is known worldwide for its naturally occurring Shiva Linga made of snow. The only months of July and August are relatively easy to reach the sacred caves. According to religious beliefs, the lingam expands and contracts with the phases of the moon, reaching its peak during summer festivals. According to Hindu beliefs, this is where Shiva explained the secrets of life and eternity to Parvati, the consort of God.

Best time to visit: Jul-To-Sep
Things to do: Bird Watching, Cruising, Picnic At A Lake, Exploring The Caves


  • Flight - The nearest airport to Amanath is Srinagar Airport. Flights from all over India operate to Srinagar Airport. It takes several hours from Srinagar Airport to Amanath Temple.
  • Rail - There are no direct trains to Amarnath. The nearest train station is Jammu, 178 km from Amanath. You can hire a taxi from Jammu to go to Baltar or Pahalgam. It is a 1-2 day (15 km) trek from Baltar to Amanath.
  • Road - Drive to Jammu, Srinagar and finally Baltar or Pahalgam. The shortest trek to Amarnath is Baltar, while the Pahalgam trek is easier. If you are traveling with family or seniors, join Pahalgam he trek.


  • Helicopter - There are two ways to get there. One way is to take a helicopter from Srinagar and from the cave you helicopter lands in Panjitharni, it is 2 km away from the destination.
  • On Foot - Another option is to drive to Baltar. From there it's a 13.5 km drive and you can only reach the cave on foot.

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