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Masjid Blue Mosque - The Mosque With Hand-Painted Tiles And Striking Architecture

Masjid Blue Mosque

An antique mosque in Istanbul is known as the masjid Blue Mosque (also known as Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish). The inner walls of the mosque are adorned with blue tiles, hence the name "Blue Mosque." Like many other mosques, this one also has the founder's tomb, a madrasa, and a hospice. It was constructed from 1609 to 1616 while Ahmed I was in power. In addition to continuing to be used as a mosque, Istanbul's Sultan Ahmed Mosque is now a well-liked tourist destination and there is no blue mosque entrance fee.

Best time to visit: Jun-To-Aug
Things to do: Prayer Sessions at masjid Blue Mosque, Worship Ground, Practice Islam, Join The Sunset And Sunrise Prayer


  • Flight -The nearest airport to the masjid Blue Mosque is Yerevan (EVN) Airport, 9.6 km away. Other nearby airports include Igudir (IGD) (58.5km), Kars (KSY) (125.8km) and Tbilisi (TBS) (170.4km). Before visiting look for Blue Mosque opening hours online.


  • Bus - You can also take a bus from Ataturk Airport to Yenikap his Istashone and walk the remaining 2 km. The journey time is approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Blue Mosque location.
  • Taxi - From Ataturk Airport to the masjid Blue Mosque, take a taxi, rent a car or hire a taxi from a private service provider and travel about 17 km in 16 minutes.
  • Train - Take the train from Havalimani Ataturk Airport to Zeytinburnu, then the tram from Zeytinburnu to Sultanahmet. Journey time is approximately 58-60 minutes.

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