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Austria - A country filled with history, traditions and panoramic sceneries.


Want to know more about Austrian tourist destinations and Austria itself? Green meadows, snow-capped Alps, glistening lakes, and picturesque mountain villages. Much like the background of a dreamy song sequence? That's Austria for you. Austria's magical landlocked country is a classic combination of nature and rich history and culture. Austria is well-known for its winter sports, classic wine tours, rich heritage, nature parks, picturesque lakes, and the majestic Danube.

Best time to visit: Jun-To-Oct
Things to do: Go Winter Hike, Skiing, Climb Grossglockner, Enjoy the Nightlife and much more


  • Flight - Flying to Austria from India is a simple process. There are direct and connecting flights available from most Indian metropolises, primarily Delhi , Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi, and Bengaluru, to Vienna International Airport on all the major airlines (VIA). However, Air India's route from Delhi to Vienna is the only nonstop service between India and Austria. It will take about nine hours to get there VIA. Depending on the carrier, connecting flights can take up to 19 hours to arrive in Austria. Additionally, keep in mind that there are road and rail transit options at the airport to get you to Vienna city while making your travel plans.


  • Train - With its free Wi-Fi and global connectivity, Austria's train system is well-maintained and convenient. For both people and visitors, it is the best and most preferred means of transportation in Austria. The nicest views of Austria can only be experienced while travelling by train; if you choose to fly, you will miss these beauties.
  • Bus - Buses are the primary mode of public transportation, just like the rail system. In Austria, there are more than 900 bus lines with more than 40,000 stops.
  • Car: You'll have the opportunity to stop between places and explore considerably more if you hire a taxi or rent a car.

Traditional Food

Are you a foodie looking for Best Food places in Austria? Let us, TravelNags help you with it! We have sorted through Top Food dishes of Austria and put together some dish names that are available in the form of Street Food as well as expensive restaurants dishes. Below is the list of traditional Best Food!

Top Attractions

Taking a vacay trip to Austria? TravelNags can guide you with Austria Tourism, listing all the Top Attractions of Austria. A collection of Best Tourist Attractions and things to do are listed below!

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