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United States of America - The Hub of Explorers and Opportunities

The United States or the United States of America , which makes up most of North America, is Pandora's box of surprises for all types of travelers. Also known as the "United States" or simply "America", the country is the third largest populous country in the world and a melting pot of diverse cultures. From crowded metropolises to quiet small towns, breathtaking natural beauty, man-made wonders, and fast-paced, exciting, and ever-changing environments, this country awes everyone with its vibrancy.

Best time to visit: Mar to Nov
Things to do: Sightseeing, Get on a Cruise, Ride the Maid Of The Midst, Play at Disneyland


  • Flight - While there are direct flights from India to a few places in the United States, they are operated only by Air India and United Airlines currently. For other countries in North America such as Canada, there are often connecting Flight although there are some direct flights as well.


  • Boat - Travelling within various cities by boat is not possible as there is no water-based public transportation system in America. But there are coastal ferries which transport you to the many islands nearby. Also, islands in the Great Lakes can only be approached by a boat.
  • Train - Trains are not the fastest way to travel within America but they can be a most relaxing experience offering some amazing views.
  • Bus - Buses are the most economical way to travel in America. If you want to visit different cities, then the Greyhound is an excellent choice as it covers cities and towns as well. There are several other bus services too which offer good rates and operate along the East and West Coasts, making long-distance travel by bus, possible. Buses are generally safe and so are bus stations but it’s always a good idea to be careful, especially if you are traveling during the evening.
  • Local Transport: Taxis, ride-sharing services, local trains and buses are a convenient way to travel within the cities in America. People also cycle around as it is an easy and fast way to reach places and several cities have dedicated bike lanes for cyclists.

Traditional Food

As a foodie, our first question is What food is united states known for, and TravelNags answer it directly with American Food names below. American Culture is different than many other cultures, and so is their food- e.g. Meatloaf, California Roll, Buffalo Wings and many more are famous all over the world for its specialty.


US Tourism or USA Tourism, we will guide you the best! TravelNags have gathered reasonable and stunning hotels that will be available for you, be careful about the peak season. Here is the list of hotels below, that are close to Street Food as well as United States Top Attractions.

Top Attractions

As a traveler, you would be wondering about Tourist Attractions United States, let us help you! TravelNags have put together the perfect America Attractions, the things that American Culture is popular for! Below is the list of places and things to do- Best United States Attractions.