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Trevi Fountain - Rome's Extravagant Water Fountain- Admired For Being A Tourist Attraction

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain, which is well-known for its elaborate artwork embellished in the Baroque style, includes a lot of background information. being one of the outstanding buildings still standing that exhibits the craftsmanship of the ancient Romans. The Trevi Fountain is a magnificent example of ancient Roman craftsmanship. One of the most famous fountains in the world, not only in Rome, is this lavish water feature.

Best time to visit: Anytime
Things to do: Take A Part In Coin Toss Ritual, Make A Wish, Let Your Inner Photographer Out, Interact With Locals


  • Flight - Three runways provide service to the city of Rome. The primary foreign airport is Leonardo da Vinci foreign Airport. Rome Ciampino Airport and Roma-Urbe Airport are the other two runways. With the help of international airlines like Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Air China, and others, Leonardo da Vinci International Airport has excellent connections to numerous cities around the globe, including Dublin, Moscow, Berlin, Beijing, and many more. The Italian national airline, Alitalia, primarily connects the airport to other Italian towns like Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, Pisa, and others.
  • Rail - Rome's primary train terminal is called Roma Termini. Roma Tiburtina, Roma Trastevere, Roma Ostiense, and Roma Tuscolana are additional stops. The majority of Italy is served by frequent train travel. Rome can also be reached using ferries and passenger ships. There are 2,400 km (1,491 mi) of navigable rivers in the nation. Rome is 30 minutes distant from Civitavecchia, where the majority of cruise ships dock.
  • Road - Buses link a number of Italian cities to Rome. The majority of interstate buses are operated by regional businesses like Autostradale, Busitalia, Baltour, etc. Daily services are provided to and from a number of Italian cities, including Turin, Naples, Milan, and Venice, by the British firm Megabus (Europe).


  • Metro - If you are traveling by the metro, then take line A heading to Battistini and get down at Barberini to go to the Trevi Fountain near Termini. From here, a short stroll will take you to the Trevi Fountain. It should take about 12 minutes to complete the trek.
  • On Foot - Rome is a stunning city with a wealth of attractions and hidden gems around every turn. Even so, the Trevi Fountain is conveniently situated and close to many of the other major tourist destinations in the Eternal City.
  • Train - Termini is Rome's biggest and best-connected train station. One of the busiest rail hubs in Europe, Roma Termini Station is easily accessible from most of the major Italian provinces as well as nearby cities.

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