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Tijuana - The Beer Capital Of Mexico- Trendiest Destination For Beer Lovers


Despite the wide variety of craft beer brands produced in the area, Tijuana is largely regarded as the beer capital of the world. This significant border community is situated along Tecate Creek, close to the Pacific Ocean, in the northwest of the Mexican state of Baja California.

Best time to visit: Jan-To-Mar
Things to do: Go horseback riding, Go For Bull Ride Experience, Explore Tijuana Beaches, Go Souvenir shopping at the Markets


  • Flight - The distance between the downtown area and the Tijuana International Airport (TIJ) is only six miles. For Mex$250, you can take a taxi from the airport to the downtown area, or for Mex$8, you can take the Plaza Ro or Centro bus lines.
  • Road - Taking the buses that depart from the Central de Autobuses de Tijuana will make it simple for you to get back and forth over the border to San Diego. This service is provided by Greyhound, Mexicoach, and South Bay Expressway, and the trip shouldn't cost more than Mex$120. If you take I-5 or I-805, you can go by car from San Diego to Tijuana. If you plan to drive your own vehicle in Tijuana, be aware that you will need to acquire Mexican insurance.


  • Taxi - There are several taxis available in the downtown center and close to well-known landmarks. For Mex$100, you can take a taxi via the border to the city center. Yellow taxis do not have meters, thus you should pre-agree on the fee. You will pay Mex$20 for the base fare and an additional Mex$20 per mile if you ride in a Taxi Libre with orange stripes.
  • Local Bus - You can go from the border to Centro and from Centro to the beach using city buses and "calafia" minibuses. Mex$5.50 should be the fare.
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