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Russia - A Land Where History And Modernity Meet


Russia is the largest country in the world and has a wide range of opportunities to explore. The highlight of this country is that the whole country still thrives on its rich culture and heritage while evolving in terms of infrastructure, technology, and trends. The country also has a unique culture as it shares borders with both European and Asian countries.

Best time to visit: Jun-To-Aug
Things to do: Enjoy Canal Tour, Skiing, Watch Opera and Ballet Theatre, See the Northern Lights


  • Flight - The fastest way to reach Russia is by Air. There are many connecting flights but Air India has Direct Flight to Russia on daily basis. The Main Airport that is the busiest will be Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport.
  • Road - Russia's Road Network is well-maintained and connected with major neighboring counties like Ukraine, China, Finland, Belarus, Estonia, Norway and many more. The best option for a road trip would be by Bus- Eurolines is one of the best bus operators.
  • Sea - A grand way of reaching Russia is opting for a Cruise. There are many Cruises, Ferries and Boats that are directly connected to Russia and neighboring countries like South Korean, Turkey, Japan and many more.


  • Bus - An economical and amazing option to travel around in Russia or even for long-distance journeys.
  • Train - The train network is vast and well-connected between cities in Russia. Easier to travel light and faster!
  • Car - Renting a car is recommended in Summers and using a proper paper map instead of GPS, since electronics might not work at every destination.

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