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Rajgir - A Sacred And Religious Tranquil Destination In India


Rajgir is a place where the spirituality and vivid hues of history with ties to both Jainism and Buddhism permeate the air that surrounds its stunning landscapes. Rajgir, a mystical town with authentic serenity among the dense forests, enigmatic caves, and springs, is located in a green valley and encircled by rocky hills. Rajgir is home to a large number of sacred sites, most of which are focused on Buddhism or Jainism. Given that both Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir are said to have visited this location, it has significant spiritual and devotional significance. Here, one can explore numerous ruins, churches, and sites in addition to taking in some of the area's calming tranquility.

Best time to visit: Oct-To-Mar
Things to do: Check Out Rajgir Ropeway, Explore Saptaparni Cave, Pant Wildlife Sanctuary, Seek Blessings at the religious places


  • Flight - About 68 km to the southwest of the village is the Gaya Airport. It has connections to Varanasi, Kolkata, and Delhi. Additionally, it has connections to far-off places like Bangkok, Colombo, and Kathmandu. The Patna airport is well linked to most Indian cities and is located 98 northwest of the town. Both airports have transportation services that can take you to Rajgir.
  • Rail - The distance between the town center and Rajgir railway stop is less than one km. The main train hub is at Gaya Railway Station, which is 60 kilometers southwest of Rajgir and linked to the state's largest towns as well as other major cities across the nation.
  • Road - Rajgir is connected to Patna, Gaya, Nalanda, Pawapuri, Bihar Sharif, and many other nearby towns by private and public buses. With frequent buses traveling to and from Patna, Bodh Gaya, and other neighboring towns, Rajgir is well connected by road as well.


  • Rental - Being a well-known tourist destination, there are travel agencies and tour companies that provide tour packages at special prices as well as luxury coaches, private cars, and other tailored services based on your requirements.
  • Tongas - There are also decorated private tongas available to transport you to well-known tourist destinations in the city.
  • Rickshaw - Here, auto and bicycle rickshaws are the main forms of neighborhood transportation. You can easily negotiate with them as it is the cheapest mode of transport everywhere.
  • Taxi - Taxis are another option for getting around the metropolis. Regular shared jeep service runs between Rajgir and Nalanda.
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