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Maldives - A Mix of Vibrant Culture and Picture-perfect Beaches


The Maldives is made up of fascinating coral islands. This country offers lush forests, white sandy beaches, and blue waters for a blissful vacation for travelers. Home to fascinating tourist attractions and many exciting activities to participate in, the Maldives is one of the top travel destinations in the world. One of the things that makes this island nation so special is its paradise-like setting.

Best time to visit: Nov-To-Apr
Things to do: Scuba Diving, Night Fishing, Enjoy Sunset Cruise, Go for Jet Ski


  • Flight - The main Airport that connects Maldives to major countries like India, China, Sri Lanka( and more) is Male International Airport( MLE). Some countries have direct flights, i.e. Dubai and some countries have Chartered Flights, i.e. Singapore. Airlines that take off frequently- Air India, Emirates, Air France and many more!


  • Boat - Main Purpose of using boats is Sightseeing and they don't operate after dark. There are numerous boats around the ports.
  • Seaplane - A unique mode of transport that you would get to explore in Maldives! Enjoy the view while the seaplane takes you to your resort.
  • Dhoni - Other type of Local Boats- but mainly used for hopping between Islands in Maldives.
  • Taxi - A common mode of transport used by everyone! But not commonly available in Maldives, so some taxi drivers pickup more than two passengers on the way.

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