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China - China is a country in East Asia.


The story of this ancient country begins long before the sci-fi skyscraper of Shanghai, the jutting peaks of Zhangjiajie, and the tropical beaches of HainanChina is surrounded by a massive wall which is known as 'The Great Wall of China' that was built to protect its borders. A forbidden city heart of Beijing, and thousands of Terracotta soldiers. 

Best time to visit: Oct-to-Jan
Things to do: Hike on the Mountains, Interact with Pandas, Boating on River Li, Shop at local markets,


  • Flight - With a network of airports in its major cities, China is well connected to important nations and cities all over the world. Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Xian Xianyang International Airport, and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport are a few of the country's busiest airports.
  • Rail - The only train option is the one that is one-week long Russian Trans-Siberian Express that travels through China. You could also take the daily overnight train that runs between Hanoi and Beijing if you're coming from Vietnam.
  • Road - Due to its extensive border crossings with other nations, China is accessible via road. We encourage you to travel to Pakistan if you are still determined to make your trip to China worthwhile by taking a road trip. You could then go to China through the Karakoram Highway, which connects Nepal with Tibet or Vietnam. Through Laos and Myanmar is another option to go by land to China.


  • Train - Taking the train is by far the most comfortable, convenient, and environmentally friendly method of transportation in China. Many smaller towns are connected in between by slower express, local, and overnight trains.
  • Bus - Buses range from rapid coaches to smaller minibuses and overnight sleeper buses, and they are generally more pleasant than train or air travel tickets.
  • Car - Road trips are prohibited for the majority of foreign tourists visiting China because only individuals with a Chinese driver's licence are permitted to rent cars there. Although Uber is not available in China, the Didi Chuxing app is the country's alternative to ride-sharing.

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