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Canada - Best Destination for Vacation in a very reasonable budget


Canada is made up of vibrant cities and breathtaking wilderness. Travelers are drawn to Montreal by its charming French architecture and vibrant cultural scene. The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto is a masterpiece of Frank Gehry's architecture and a collection of priceless works of art. An exploration of the Canadian Rockies is set against the breathtaking backdrop of Banff's dazzling mountain ranges. World-class skiing, opulent European cuisine , ornate cathedrals, and a tranquil island lifestyle.

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec
Things to do: Polar Bear Safari, Canada Canoeing, Bungee Jump, Whale Watching



  • Bus - These buses are comfortable to travel in and often offer services such as on-board washrooms, air-conditioning, free wi-fi and movies to keep you entertained!
  • Ridesharing - Ridesharing is a great way to cut costs if you know a few others who are going in the same direction as you. Choose the Canadian ride-sharing services that connect travelers and drivers travelling in the same direction.
  • Taxi - You can always locate a taxi in Canada's major cities, and you'll see them queued up as soon as you exit the airport. Additionally, some small communities could provide a local service for you. You should be aware that these cabs are metered and are regarded as dependable and trustworthy.

Traditional Food

Canada is famous for its Tourism! If you traveling for the first time, here is the list of Best Food dishes of Canada that you must try! Don't let your Canada Tourism be incomplete without trying new food!


Go for hotels that are near Canada's Top Attractions, that will make your Canada Tourism easier and convenient! Below is the list of Best Hotels at their Best Price.

Top Attractions

Canada is open for tourism! Let's take a deep dive at Niagara Falls, not really! But worth checking out the beautiful view, Canada's Top Attraction. Not only that, Canada has many Top Tourist Attractions that are worth admiring on your Trip. Below is the list of Best places and things to do in Canada.