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Buckingham Palace - The Official Residence of the UK's Monarch

Buckingham Palace

Forget double-decker buses and greasy fish & chips, Buckingham Palace London offers a different kind of London adventure – a peek into royal life, a walk through centuries of history, and a chance to witness the pomp and pageantry that defines the British monarchy. This iconic palace isn't just a fancy house with Buckingham Palace guards in funny hats; it's a working royal residence, a symbol of the nation, and a place where you can almost feel the whispers of kings and queens echoing through the grand halls. Prebooking Buckingham Palace tickets is essential via the Buckingham Palace website.

Best time to visit: From Apr-To-Jun Sep-To-Oct

From Humble House to Royal Residence of Buckingham Palace

  • Imagine a rather ordinary-looking townhouse in 1736. That's where Buckingham Palace's story begins. Over the years, it got bigger and grander, eventually catching the eye of King George III in 1762. From royal residence to a national landmark, the palace has witnessed coronations, jubilees, and historical events that shaped Britain. Today, it's the Queen's official London home, with 775 rooms, a mind-boggling collection of art and treasures, and yes.
  • More Than Just Changing of the Guard: The Changing of the Guard ceremony is a must-see, but there's more to Buckingham Palace London than meets the eye. Explore the State Rooms, all decked out in finery, and imagine royal banquets and grand receptions. Wander through the Royal Mews, home to the gleaming royal carriages used in parades and ceremonies. Or, if you're lucky, snag Buckingham Palace tickets to the summer openings, where you get a peek into the palace gardens, usually off-limits to the public.
  • History Buffs Rejoice: Dive into the fascinating history with a guided tour or explore exhibitions like "The Queen's Gallery," showcasing priceless paintings and objects from the Royal Collection. Learn about the lives of past monarchs who walked these halls, the dramatic events that unfolded within its walls, and the secrets hidden behind its grand exterior. Visitors are amazed by the opulence and grandeur of Buckingham Palace inside.

Picnic Perfection near the Palace

  • Skip the overpriced cafes and pack a picnic basket fit for royalty. Head to nearby Green Park or St. James's Park spread out your blanket under the watchful gaze of the palace, and enjoy the quintessential British experience. Bonus points for spotting a squirrel or two – they seem to have free reign around here!
  • Planning Your Royal Rendezvous: It's simple to get to Buckingham Palace London from anywhere in London. Just take the tube to Victoria stations or Green Park stations. Though the State Rooms are only accessible in the summer, visitors can always catch a glimpse of royal flare since the Changing of the Guard ritual takes place every day (barring inclement weather). Remember, this is a working palace, so expect security checks and respectful behaviour. Also, check for the Buckingham Palace tickets online on the Buckingham Palace website prior to your visit.
  • The Verdict: Buckingham Palace London isn't just a tourist attraction; it's a glimpse into British history, culture, and the enduring legacy of the monarchy. It's a place to witness tradition, marvel at grandeur, and maybe even score a selfie with Buckingham Palace guards (if you're lucky!). So, prepare to be swept away by the grandeur and history that awaits you within the walls of Buckingham Palace.