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Bad Gastein - Artistic Architecture And Famous Destination Of Austria

Bad Gastein

Despite being a well-known health resort, Austria (Bad) Gastein has a lot more to offer than just a thermal spa and a variety of medical services. The diverse Alpine resort welcomes visitors with an abundance of mountain experiences and activities, both in the summer and the winter.

Best time to visit: Jun-To-Oct
Things to do: Hiking The Mountains, Take A Bath In Waterfall, Skiing, Admire The Architecture


  • Flight - There are two main Airports that fly to and from Austria Gastein on daily basis- Innsbruck Airport (INN) – Tyrol And Salzburg Wolfgang A Mozart (SZG) – Salzburg. The domestic and international flights are available any day of the year since it has international terminals.
  • Rail - The closest railway station is located to the north, just outside of the Grossarl valley, at the St Johann im Pongau traffic intersection. For the 16-kilometer trip there, there are bus and taxi options available.
  • Road - You will save a lot of time and work if you decide to arrive by automobile, regardless of how heavy or large your suitcases are. Choose a day of the week and an hour of the day that are convenient for you, then go on the road for a lovely vacation in Gastein. You must purchase a toll sticker in order to use the Austrian autobahns! Currently, a 10-day sticker costs € 8.90 for cars and € 5.10 for motorcycles. If you're coming from a foreign country or city, like Germany, you may buy it almost everywhere there's a gas station or an autobahn service area close to the border.


  • Public Buses - The most spectacular sites and the starting locations for your many excursions in Gastein Valley are both easily accessible by public transportation. Save yourself the exhausting quest for parking places by making the most of the ecofriendly options offered by local bus services. Remember to bring your Gastein Card! You can take a trip for just € 1.50 when you have this card. Those travelling to Sportgastein must pay a reduced toll of €2.10.
  • Taxi - Go for the most convenient but not so affordable option if you want to travel less and admire limited destinations! Taxis are affordable but if you choose this as your daily mode of commute, it might not be so reasonable.

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