Abu Dhabi - The Capital City With A Luxurious Life

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has become world famous for hosting Formula 1 races. The capital is home to state-of-the-art luxury racetracks, and some of the world's most famous races have been held here. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is an orderly, hardworking and vibrant city known for its spectacular infrastructure, adventure activities, luxury hotels, vast deserts, rich heritage and beautiful waterfront locations.

Best time to visit: Nov-To-Mar
Things to do: Watch A Formula 1 Race, Sunbathe At A Beach, Desert Safari, Bet On Camel Racing


  • Flight - The best way to reach Abu Dhabi is by plane. Abu Dhabi Airport is the second busiest airport in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai Airport and offers excellent connections from nearly every region of the world. Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways has last mile connections from many locations. Several direct flights connect Abu Dhabi with India. Indigo, Jet Airways, Air India, SpiceJet, Air India Express, Etihad, Gulf Air and Oman Air are just a few flight options available to travelers from India to Dubai.
  • Road - You can reach Abu Dhabi by bus from other emirates like Sharjah, Dubai etc. The municipalities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai jointly operate a service called Emirates Express between the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai (2 hours drive). Dubai's RTA also operates luxury buses from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. These buses run around in every 30 minutes, stopping at each stop. Travelers flying to Dubai via Emirates have an extended ticket for bus travel to Abu Dhabi from the airport itself.


  • Taxi - Taxis are Abu Dhabi's main form of public transport and are available almost everywhere in the UAE at relatively low prices compared to other major cities. Careem's driving service matches customers with the closest private driver. Cars can be booked online or via the app. It works more or less like Uber, but follows strict policies regarding fares and regular rates.
  • Bus - Motorbikes/bicycles are a very popular part of public transport in Abu Dhabi. These are one of the most popular ways to exit the Yas Islands via designated bike paths. Cycle Bike Share offers various docking points on Yas and Saadiyat islands.
  • Bicycle - Buses connect the main parts of the city for a convenient experience. Abu Dhabi's city buses operate 24 hours a day on 14 different routes. In order to use the bus, it is necessary to purchase a mat card "Hafilat Card" that can be charged each time you get on and off. These cards can be used at any bus stop, not just Al Wahda Bus Station, which is the bus stop at the airport.
  • Ferry - Taxis and buses are not the only means of transportation in the United Arab Emirates. Commuting by Abras or ferry is also quite common here in Abu Dhabi. Ferry services in Abu Dhabi serve both pedestrians and cars. There is only one route from Marsa Jebel Al Dana to Delma Island. Ferries run 3 times a day and only 2 times a day on Fridays.

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