Where To Experience Top Adventurous Sports In The World

Where to Experience Top Adventurous Sports in the World

Extreme sports are popular worldwide, attracting millions of people seeking an adrenaline rush. These sports are high in risk, speed, or height and are constantly evolving with new activities. The best part is that extreme Adventure sports can take you all over the world, making it essential to take out travel insurance before embarking on such adventures. This article explores some of the world's most exciting extreme sports and the best places to try them.

Extreme Mountain Biking
For mountain bikers looking for a challenge and an adrenaline rush, extreme mountain riding is an exhilarating activity. Large jumps and big drops are features of the steep terrain courses, which require the use of a specialised downhill bike. It is one of the oldest extreme sports while being less well-known than other popular, adrenaline-pumping activities.

Best locations for Extreme Mountain Biking
The Old Ghost Road, New Zealand, 
Mefjellet, Norway, 
401 Trail, Colorado and
Achnashellach, Scotland

Cave Diving
Cave diving is the most dangerous and extreme form of scuba diving, requiring experienced divers with specialist knowledge, skills, and equipment to explore places few humans will ever reach.

Best locations for Cave Diving
Kilsby's Sinkhole,
Emergence du Russel,
Orda Cave – Perm Region, Russia,
Anhumas Abyss – Bonito, Brazil and 
El Cenote – Playa Giron, Cuba

Ice Swimming
Ice swimming, a traditional health activity in the Arctic Region and Northern Europe, offers numerous health benefits such as improved immunity and circulation. An official 'ice swim' requires a one-mile swim in cold water, but any cold swim can also provide health benefits.

Best locations for Ice Swimming
Tyumen, Russia,
Lake Wohlen, Switzerland
Brockwell Lido, UK,
Lake Bled, Slovenia and 
Lofoten Islands, Norway

Zip-lining is a practical and safe sport that has been used for over 2000 years to transport people, medical supplies, food, and weapons across mountainous terrain. It is one of the safest activities on the list and can be enjoyed worldwide through various terrains such as valleys, gorges, canyons, forests, or mountaintops.

Best locations for Zip-Lining
Mahogany Park, Costa Rica, 
Waiheke Island, New Zealand, 
Icy Strait Point, Alaska, 
Hilo, Hawaii and 
Belize City

Volcano Boarding
Volcano boarding, or volcano surfing, involves riding a flatboard down a volcano's outer slopes. While dormant volcanoes are safe, adrenaline junkies prefer active volcanoes, which can pose risks like flying lava and poisonous gases. The Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua is the world's most famous spot, but be aware of its active status.

Best locations for Volcano Boarding
Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua

Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is a thrilling adrenaline sport that is relatively safe, but it is recommended to jump with established providers. Participants are attached to a long, elasticated rope and jump from a high point. Macau Tower in China offers the highest bungee jump in the world at 233 meters, while the historic Navajo Bridge in Grand Canyon National Park is another spectacular option.

Best locations for Bungee Jumping
The Macau Tower In China,
Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia, 
Niouc bridge,
Navajo Bridge, Grand Canyon National Park and 
Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

Wingsuit Flying
Wingsuit flying is an extreme sport where participants wear a suit that stretches out to form wings between their legs and arms and the body on each side. This increases the body's surface area and allows for glide through the air. Participants reach an ideal glide ratio of 3:1, gliding forward three meters for every meter of falling. All wingsuits are fitted with a parachute for landing. 

Best locations for Wingsuit Flying
Yosemite National Park and Lake Elsinore, California, 
Troll Wall in Norway and 
The Crack the Swiss Hinterrugg

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