Top Tourist Attractions In Srilanka

Top Tourist Attractions in Srilanka
Sri Lanka is a small island country packed with unlimited beauty. Also known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka has a unique charm in its temples, beaches and tourist attractions. This tropical paradise attracts millions of tourists every year because it offers rich cultural and historical experiences. Below is a list of the top places to visit while visiting Sri Lanka.
  1. Colombo Lotus Tower: It is the tallest skyscraper in the country and therefore becomes the most popular tourist attraction. This is a 356 metres tall self-supported structure that has become a symbolic landmark of the country. 
  2. Yala National Park: Wildlife lovers must include Yala in their itinerary which is the most visited national park in the country. Safari adventure in this park can offer sightings of elephants, leopards, deer and various species of birds.
  3. Dambulla Cave Temple: Dated back to the 1st century BC, this cave temple is a key attraction in Sri Lanka. It has a fascinating statue of Buddha and colourful murals that represent the rich culture of the country.
  4. Galle Fort: If you like to learn more about colonial history that nothing is better that the Galle Fort. This beautiful place boasts a rich history and therefore becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  5. Sigiriya Rock Fortress: Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site that features mesmerizing frescoes. Built in the 5th century, this fort is one of the iconic landmarks of Sri Lanka and it also offers a stunning view from the top.
  6. Mirissa Beach: Including beaches is a must when visiting an island country. The top choice is Mirissa Beach which is counted among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Which are the Best Beaches for Couples in Sri Lanka?

When visiting Sri Lanka, you can swim, surf and soak in the sun at one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The laid-back and picturesque beaches that brought Sri Lanka on the global map are Hiriketiya Beach, Bentota Beach, Arugam Bay, Mirissa Beach and Uppuveli Beach. These gorgeous beaches are perfect for a couple’s vacation. These alluring places also feature luxurious beach hotels that are a great deal for honeymooners.

Which are the Famous Foods in Sri Lanka?

The vibrant cuisine of Sri Lanka gets influences from India, Malaysia ,and Indonesia. Food lovers must explore the aromatic flavors of rice and curry. While roaming on the streets, Kottu becomes the top recommendation. Other spicy and flavorful dishes that one must try during a trip to Sri Lanka are string hoppers, Fish ambul thiyal, Watalappam and Polos.

How to Get the Best Flight Deals for Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has always been a top choice for both luxury and budget travelers. Visiting the sandy beaches, exploring the wildlife, and having rich cultural and historic encounters in Sri Lanka is pretty affordable. However, finding the best flight deals require a bit of research and planning. Advance bookings are always recommended and make sure to compare prices using different websites. Email alerts are great to find the cheapest deals on flights. Expert travellers always look for package deals to save more for hotel and travel. You can also get in touch with the experts at Travel Nags to book the cheapest vacation in Sri Lanka.

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