Top 10 Unique Places To Visit In Europe

Top 10 Unique Places To Visit In Europe
You are planning to visit Europe because it has some of the most beautiful sights on Earth. Needless to say, the vast continent has lots of scenic locations. However, visiting the most unique places can make your trip even more unforgettable. Here is a list of the top 10 hidden gems that must be included in your itinerary when Travelling Europe.
  1. Green Lake in Austria: If you are searching for the most scenic lakes, then the serenity and uniqueness of Gruner See is the best choice. It has stunning emerald green water which is crystal clear despite being 12 meters in depth.
  2. The Hague in the Netherlands: Europe is most considered a historic city. However, you can get lively foodie culture amidst the history and museum lanes at the Hague.
  3. Nisyros Island in Greece: If you are planning to spend a few days for a peaceful getaway then this island must be on your list. The calming village in Greece is surrounded by landscapes made from the volcano.
  4. Korcula, Croatia: Croatia has plenty of hidden gems. Travel enthusiasts would love to visit Korcula. It is a medieval town with scenic lanes for biking. You must not miss the vineyard tours when you visit this town.
  5. Hum, Croatia: It is the smallest town in the world with only 30 residents. The city gates feature only two streets, but they are worth visiting. This hidden gem is known as the world’s only destination to find mistletoe schnapps.
  6. Italian Lakes Region: When it comes to a Europe tour, Italy is surely included in the list. If you happen to be in Milan then do take an hour long train ride to visit the Northern Italian lakes region. The scenic landscape has Italy’s second largest lake.
  7. Pammukale Turkey: Often considered as part of Europe, Pammukale is officially not in Europe but deserves to be on the list. If you want to add a world heritage site to your itinerary, then make sure to experience the magical encounters at Pamukkale. Featuring a shoe-free area of hot springs and white travertine terraces, this spot will surely make your trip unforgettable.
  8. Tinto River, Spain: You might have seen crystal clear water bodies but Tinto River is totally different and worth visiting. It is red in color and that makes it a unique place. Earlier there were copper and gold mines in the area, therefore the water of the river turned red and became a tourist spot.
  9. York, England: If you are interested in history, you must visit York. Take a train ride from London and you will end up strolling through the most haunted streets in Europe.
  10. Galway, Ireland: If pirate history and military conquest excite you much then make sure to include Galway in your list. From museums to scenic landscapes, everything can be found in this city.

Final Words
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