Dubai Miracle Garden: A Blossoming Oasis In The Desert!

Dubai Miracle Garden: A Blossoming Oasis in the Desert!

Millions of tourists visit Dubai Miracle Garden each year, a magnificent oasis in the middle of the desert. With a total area of more than 72,000 square metres and more than 50 million blooms of various species, it is the biggest flower garden in the world. For those who like flowers, the outdoor, and beauty, the garden is a must-visit location. It is the ideal fusion of nature and art.

Background and History
With the intention of establishing a distinctive attraction that highlights the beauty of nature in the desert, Dubai Miracle Garden opened its doors in 2013. The Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Company, renowned in the area for its creative landscaping endeavours, is the creative force behind the garden. Since then, tourists from all over the globe have travelled to Dubai to enjoy the garden, which is one of the city's most well-known attractions because of its breathtaking floral show.

Layout and Design
With a central dome-shaped building housing a floral clock, the garden is laid out like an enormous flowerbed. The garden is set up into many zones, each with its own theme and layout. The Emirates A380 show, the butterfly garden, the floral castle, and the heart-shaped pathway are a few of the most visited areas. Large teddy bears, peacocks, and other animals are among the many flower sculptures in the garden.

Variety of Flowers
Around 50 million flowers of all kinds, such as geraniums, petunias, and marigolds, may be found at Dubai Miracle Garden. Flowers of every hue, size, and shape may be found in the garden, resulting in a stunning and lively exhibition of the beauty of the natural world. The beautiful visual impact that is produced by the arrangement of the flowers in various patterns and styles is guaranteed to captivate guests.

Season and Timing
The best time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden is during the temperate and beautiful weather months of October through April. Due to the intense summer heat in the area, the garden is closed during this time. Before making travel plans, visitors are urged to confirm the garden's hours and timetable in order to avoid any disruptions.

Facilities for Visitors
The garden provides a variety of amenities for guests, such as dining options, coffee shops, souvenir stores, and lavatories. It's a great place for families because it has a little playground for kids as well. A broad variety of items influenced by the garden's floral patterns are available for purchase in the gift store, which is another place where visitors may buy presents and souvenirs.

Anyone who likes flowers, the outdoors, and beauty should make time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden. The garden is a wonderful illustration of how nature can survive under even the most hostile conditions, and it is a monument to the inventiveness and originality of the human intellect. Therefore, if you're considering a vacation to Dubai, don't forget to include a stop at Dubai Miracle Garden on your schedule so you may take in the breathtaking beauty of the natural world.