Best Islands Near Athens Greece

Best Islands Near Athens Greece
18 UNESCO Heritage sites, the Olympic Games, and gorgeous landscapes are enough to describe Greece. The incredible food, mesmerizing culture, and surreal landscape of Greece are known to many but there are a few hidden gems near Athens Greece. There are lots of beautiful islands near Greece that you must visit on your next trip. These islands are a quick getaway and are easily accessible.  Let’s take a look at some of the best Greek islands.
  1. Aegina: If you are a history lover, the ancient ruins at Aegina beach with attract you a lot. The beautiful beaches are accessible via a short ferry ride from Athens.
  2. Hydra: Serene atmosphere and clear water describe Hydra beach the best. When you take a ferry, the car-free island is an hour away from Athens.
  3. Spetses: Luxury travellers must not miss visiting this upscale island. Hydrofoil or a ferry can be taken from Athens to explore the chic hotels and restaurants at Spestses.
  4. Poros: Locals can be seen here in a large numbers on the weekends. The historic sites on this island make it a popular weekend destination among the Athenians.
  5. Kythnos: The hidden beauty of Kythnos makes it on the list of top islands to visit on your trip to Athens. Cobbled stone streets and chapels are the key attraction in this quaint village.

How to Reach Athens?

Athens is a popular tourist destination on the global map, hence connectivity is not an issue. If you choose to fly, you need to arrive at the Athens International Airport from where there are lots of domestic and international flights available.
Athens is very well connected to Thessaloniki, Patras, and other Greek cities, whereas there are some international trains that can be taken if you wish to arrive via train.
Major cities and towns around Athens are connected via the KTEL intercity bus service, for which tickets can be booked online.
Booking a cab is also an option for visiting Athens. You can also visit Athens from neighbouring countries via road and ferries are also a popular option. Ports like Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrio connect Athens to several islands in Greece and various international destinations.

When is the Ideal Time to Visit Athens?

The peak tourist season in Athens is in summer (June to August). Therefore, spring or fall seasons are ideal to admire the picturesque destination while avoiding the crowd. It is still enjoyable in the winter season, however, some attractions open for limited hours in the winter so make sure you plan accordingly.

What are the Top Things to do in Athens?

Athens is a popular choice for history lovers. Ancient Agora, Acropolis, the oldest neighborhood of Plaka and the National Archaeological Museum are the key attractions.

Secondly, the stunning beaches here are best for couples’ vacations. Apart from this, you can plan a trip to enjoy the following things:
Famous Food
Greek food culture is renowned across the globe, so plan to take a food tour and relish the delicacies like Baklava, Saganaki, Moussaka and more.
Famous Festival
Festivals take place all year long in Athens. International Film Festival, Rockwave Music Festival, Street Food Festival, Carnival and Epidaurus Festival are some of the key attractions.
Best Hotel
Athens is a popular tourist destination so it is obvious that there are all sorts of accommodations available. Both luxury and budget travelers can find hotels according to their preferences. It is best to connect with our experts, who can guide you about the top hotels depending on your budget and preferences.

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Many beautiful islands around Athens will make your trip memorable. Enjoy a sip of your favorite cocktail on one of the above listed beaches for a taste of Greek summer. For bookings and further information connect with Travel Nags. We offer customized tour packages for Athens and major cities across Greek.