4 Places In Panjim That You Cannot Miss To Visit No Matter What

4 Places in Panjim That You Cannot Miss to Visit No Matter What
The capital of Goa and the most significant social, political, and cultural hub of the state is Panjim, also spelt Panaji. And with so many things to do in Panjim, it's difficult to become bored. A compelling enough reason to visit is simply having a stroll around Panjim's many vibrant streets, which are reminiscent of 400 years of Portuguese influence.

There Are So Many Unique Tourists Place in Panaji That You Will Adore:

Walking Tours in Panjim

If you enjoy history, interacting with locals, and taking a trip around some of Panjim's most notable attractions while on foot. There are a handful places to see Panjim that you may reserve online. All have excellent ratings and are reasonably priced.

A Forgotten Holocaust

Did you know that between 1560 and 1820, the Portuguese murdered THOUSANDS of innocent Hindus? And if they converted but were seen to still have some ties to a different religion, they were still put in jail, publicly whipped, set afire, tortured, and/or put to death?

Books written in Arabic, Sanskrit, Marathi, and the regional Konkani language were also destroyed by the Portuguese. Thus, this history was constrained for many years. Along with losing their ancient religions, the downtrodden also lost their capacity to read, write, and record in their language. Along with Hindus, they also persecuted Buddhists, Jews, and Catholics who had converted. This is one of the famous Tourist Places in Panjim.

Pay a Visit to Fontainhas, the Latin Quarter

There are many beautiful places in Panjim. One of them is Fontainhas. Goa was a Portuguese colony for many years, therefore the state's languages, architecture, music, food, language, religion, and people all reflect the influence of multiculturalism. But particularly in specific areas like Fontainhas.

This area of Panjim is one of the most well-known and has been designated a UNESCO Heritage Zone. The most noticeable and palpable signs of Portuguese influence can be seen here. Spend at least a few hours admiring the scenery, learning about the tragic past, the modern infrastructure, and the beautiful European homes and mansions that will make you think of Lisbon.

Visit the Church Of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Appealing with its prominent location above onlookers, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church is difficult to overlook, and it is one of the most Popular Places in Panjim. Outside of Old Goa, where the majority of the churches are located, it is one of the most venerated churches. The church is well-known for its characteristic zigzagging staircases, which were only added in the 1800s, 200 years after the building was erected. On one of the many benches in the Praca da Igreja, you can sit and take in the scenery. It is worthwhile to at least pass by and get a glimpse of a significant past.