SkyScanner – Take To The Skies!

SkyScanner – Take to the skies!
Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, as a simple solution to search and compare flight options across the world, SkyScanner soon leveraged its power and presence to expand into flight booking, car hire and hotel booking. With the website and mobile app available in more than 30 languagesSkyScanner expanded its reach and as of 2019, the website had 100 million monthly users worldwide!

Why book with SkyScanner?
Created with the mission of simplifying flight search by bringing the world to the users, SkyScanner has taken multiple steps to deliver on its mission. They want to make the industry more transparent to customers to instill trust, and thus offer the most for the money offered.
Some key tenets they work with:
  1. Get the best priceSkyScanner check prices across 1200 travel companies.
  2. Fare’s fair – To support their fair price goal, they show prices offered by most airlines and online travel agents. If they believe any provider is not offering the best price for travelers, they will remove them from their listing.
  3. Just go (even on the go) – The SkyScanner mobile app helps travelers make and confirm their plans even if they’re on the go.
  4. See who’s tried & trusted – Reviews given by travelers are shared with potential travelers and the service providers, which helps travelers make an informed decision and the providers improve their services.
  5. No pressure –Past searches, saved cookies, and other tricks are not used to bump up the price showcased to users. There are no nasty surprises or hidden fees.
  6. Explore everywhere. From anywhere.SkyScanner’s unique ‘Everywhere’ search option allows travelers to find best fares to anywhere from their chosen airport.
  7. Find a place to stay – Apart from flights, SkyScanner offers competitive prices on stays as well. They have partnered with world’s leading hotels to offer their travelers the best prices.
  8. Hit the road happy – Car hiring is as simple as booking flights on SkyScanner. They offer filters such as fuel policy and pickup location to help travelers make an informed decision.
  9. Expert tips and tricks – Using the insights gathered since 2003, SkyScanner shares the knowledge with travelers.
  10. Travel with a conscience – Travelers can search for flights which emit less Co2, using the ‘Greener’ label, thus enabling travelers to contribute to a greener environment.
  11. Your data, your choiceSkyScanner has extensive cookie and privacy policies. They don’t use travelers data to hide any information or mislead them into booking something not suitable.
  12. Here for you – They offer customer support 7 days of the week in 30 languages.

Visual representation
The simplicity of SkyScanner’s logo encompasses many elements and emotions. It’s a reflection of SkyScanner’s belief. The logo reflects a sunrise and a positive impact they hope to bring through travel. The other elements resonate with the brand’s mission – the sun’s rays blend with optimism and ideas, and the curve in the bottom combine the world’s sustainability and destinations or places to visit.

The culture
The traveler is at the center of all the tasks in SkyScanner. The team works on some simple but important values:
  1. Striving to do the right thing for people and the planet
  2. Listening, supporting and questioning to solve the challenges of travel
  3. Considerate, focusing on long-term relationships not short-term wins
  4. Dedicated to helping people make better travel decisions faster