Explore The British Museum: Tickets, Art, Culture And Top Attractions

Explore The British Museum: Tickets, Art, Culture And Top Attractions

The British museum London England is the first national public museum of the world which was established in 1753 by Act of Parliament for curious and interested people.

The  British Museum is located in Great Russell St, London WC1B3DG,UK and welcomes nearly 5 to 6 lakhs visitors every year

What Is The British Museum Famous For?
The British museum London consists of 8 million works of art and human culture and has the world's largest collection of antiquities.You can find immense serenity ,divine beauty and significance of classical art and culture.

Must Watch Antiquities In The British Museum 
If you are visiting the Great British museum London then you should never miss out on these iconic antiquities.

  • The rosetta stone: The Rosetta stone is one of the most popular works in the British museum. It is made up of granodiorite and was discovered near the Nile delta, Egypt.
  • Double headed serpent: It is an Aztec sculpture made up of woods, turquoise, spiny oyster shell and conch shell. It symbolises two headed snakes.
  • Bronze head from ife: It is a fourteenth-fifteenth century African art. A copper alloy structure unearthed in 1938 at Ife in Nigeria. It is a religious art for Yoruba people. 
  • Crouching Venus: It is an Hellenistic model of an expression of being surprised. This art shows how Venus crouches herself and tries to hide herself using her arms and legs.

Tickets And Timing Of The British Museum
The British museum allows visitors a free of cost tour of its majestic collections of art and every year the museum conducts a special exhibition which attracts lakhs of visitors from around the world.  

You have to book time slotted British museum London tickets in advance from their official website.

The museum opens at 10:00am to 5:30pm daily. You should definitely invest 2 to 3 hours in exploring the museum.


The British museum will fill you with its huge collection of western graphic art. You can enjoy the immense art work with your loved ones and gather more knowledge about human culture.

So, what are you waiting for? Do visit the British museum London England. Connect with Travelnags to make your trip more comfy, enjoyable and affordable.