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SAN GIMIGNANO - Italy's Best Preserved Medieval Town - Epitome Of Beauty

The glitzy romantic beauty of Tuscany is San Gimignano. It's one of the most exquisite and well-preserved medieval villages in all of Italy. You'll get a sense of time travel as you walk the cobbled streets of San Gimignano. The "Bella Torres," or "Beautiful Towers," of San Gimignano, sometimes known as the "Medieval Manhattan," are renowned worldwide.

Best time to visit: Apr-To-Oct
Things to do: Climb the Torre Grossa, Explore La Rocca di Montestaffoli, Take a Tuscan Cooking Class, Drink Vernaccia di San Gimignano


  • Flight - Florence, which is roughly an hour's drive from the city, is the airport that is the nearest to it. Additionally, buses are accessible from LungarnoSoderini.
  • Rail - San Gimignano lacks a train station. However, you can travel by Italia rail to Poggibonsi, from which you can catch a bus. Buses routinely travel between the two cities.
  • Road - Siena or Florence are the closest cities to San Gimignano. At Poggibonsi, you might have to switch buses, though. Every hour, buses leave from Florence. A total of five buses every day that leave from Siena, and the trip takes 70 minutes.


  • On foot - The city is easily traversed on foot due to its modest size. The city forbids the entry of cars and taxis.
  • Shuttlebus - An electric shuttlebus runs continuously from Porta San Giovanni to Piazza della Cisterna and then to Porta San Matteo. Tickets can be purchased at the tourist information center or the Tabacchi shop for EUR 1 for a two-hour period.
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